First blog post

About me

Hello everyone it’s me Haje and welcome to my first ever blog. A little info about me myself and I, well i came from an Asian country so yep I’m asian :”> (you can tell from my name already lol). English is not my first language and i’ve been struggling with it but i’ll try my best so that we can communicate clearly and Be Happy! 🙂

My obsessions

I love to do reviewing and experimenting especially beauty, food and Japan <3; I haven’t been to Japan yet but I want to go there so bad however, I keep on buying things imported from Japan for example; Japanese candies (ohhhh~) beauty products, and everything kawaii. I’ve been so obsessed with Japan and their culture since i’ve started taking Japanese lessons. From anime to their local artists omg i love everything about Japan. Oh wait! I talk too much lol can’t help it I wish i could visit Japan one day to experience their culture personally.

My cooking habits

I love to cook but I suck at baking pastries I dont know why. I’ve started cooking when I was a little kid whenever my father cooks, I keep on standing beside him and watch him how he done it and that makes my cooking habit starts. Whenever i cook, i keep on adding CHILI POWDER with it (yep thaaaats right) as long as it complements the taste and adding lots of BLACK PEPPER on my own food I dont know why but I love it.